James Parker Spoke At ACI's 16th National Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation

Posted on Friday, 11 October 2013

James Parker spoke at ACI's 16th National Advanced Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 in San Francisco. This session offered an in-depth examination of recent and emerging trends in asbestos claims and litigation. It explored recent developments impacting plaintiffs, defendants, insurers and counsel, recent cases of importance and what this means in terms of strategizing for the year ahead. With ample time for questions, this session set the tone for an interactive and insightful two days.

• Who are the new defendants?

• Which defendants are exposed to risk for future claims?

• How will tort reform efforts impact the future of asbestos litigation

• Establishing burden of proof and proving reasonable inferences to evidence

• Non-traditional defendants

• Which states are good and bad to file in?

• Forum shopping

• Removal to federal court and diversity jurisdiction

• How cases are referred out to a different jurisdiction based on settlement history, verdict history, etc.

• Large verdict awards in recent cases

• Asbestos exposure registries, advertising, and diagnostic tools and their impact on the future of asbestos claims

Click here for the full brochure.

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