HP Obtains Rare Stay Order

Posted on Tuesday, 06 August 2013

When a San Francisco trial judge decided to overrule defense challenges to two potential jurors, but then decided to further question the sworn jurors about their impartiality outside the presence of all counsel, HP attorneys Edward R. Hugo and Shelley K. Tinkoff took their objections to the next level.  Along with their appellate team, they drafted and filed a petition for writ of mandate asking the Court of Appeal to stop the ex parte interviews as unconstitutional.  The day after the petition was filed, the Court of Appeal issued an order staying the trial judge's order and requiring him to explain his actions. 


The stay order is highly unusual as the Courts of Appeal rarely intervene during trials, much less during jury selection.  Assisting Mr. Hugo and Ms. Tinkoff were Charles Park, Thomas Moses and James Parker.  Read the full story as reported by HarrisMartin.

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